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Substitute Teacher - School Year 2019/20 (40008574)

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TitleSubstitute Teacher - School Year 2019/20
Posting ID40008574





  • Work with individuals, small groups, or the entire class to support teaching of content.
  • Report to the school office at the beginning of the school day to pick up required materials/schedule of classes and at the end of the day to return materials and discuss the next day’s assignment.
  • Guide the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals and objectives as indicated in the lesson plans for the lessons, units, or projects assigned.
  • Take attendance according to school procedures.
  • Employ instructional methods and materials that are most appropriate for meeting lesson objectives.
  • Ensure the safety and supervision of students at all times, to include awareness of emergency procedures.
  • Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate for the maturity and interests of the students.
  • Perform other related duties as directed by the principal.





All substitutes must attend a training session before they can begin subsituting for Yukon Public Schools.  All substitute training will be held at the Yukon Public Schools Administration Building, 600 Maple.  You will find information pertaining to the Workshops (dates/times) at: Substitute Information



  1. All substitutes must be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Substitute Application - to be completed online every year
  3. Two original forms of ID for work authorization - use this link for a list of acceptable documents: (bring documents or copies of documents to Workshop if new to YPS this year)
  4. I-9 Form
  5. W-4 (completed online once hired)
  6. Direct Deposit with voided check (Direct Deposit is required; completed online if new to YPS)
  7. Bloodborne Pathogen Training (conducted at Workshop)
  8. Background check form available at Workshop (National Criminal History Record Check) and fingerprints taken for a fee of $53.94 (if you did not substitute for YPS last year) at:


                  The State Department of Education (SDE)

                  Oliver Hodge Building

                  Teacher Certification Section, Room 212

                  2500 North Lincoln Boulevard

                  Oklahoma City, OK  731-5

                  Telephone (405) 521-3337

                  (Results will take 7 days to 6 weeks)



Any person applying for employment as a substitute teacher shall only be required to have one such NCHRC for the school year.  Upon request of the substitute teacher, the NCHRC results may be sent to any other school district in which the substitute teacher is applying to teach.  Substitute teachers who have worked at least one day in Yukon Public Schools during the previous year will not be required to have a NCHRC in subsequent years, unless there is reason to believe there has been a change in the criminal background of the substitute teacher.  If a substitute teacher meets the requirement to not have a NCHRC in a given year, the substitute’s records may still be checked through the following databases:  Oklahoma Department of Corrections Offender Registry, Oklahoma Probation and Parole Web Site, Oklahoma State Courts Network Web site, and the Sex Offender Registry.


Applicants may not begin substituting until all of the above documents have been completed and verified.

Shift TypePart-Time
Salary RangePer Day
LocationAdministration Building

Applications Accepted

Start Date07/01/2019
End Date05/05/2020

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NameAmy HaberzettleTitleHR Specialist
Emailamy.haberzettle@yukonps.comPhone405-354-2587, ext 1006