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TitleCrosswalk Monitor
Posting ID40008620



PRIMARY PURPOSE: To insure that students are able to safely cross roadways at crosswalks and reach school safely.



SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS: None required - Will train applicants in techniques used to safely cross students




  1. Be at assigned school crossing(s) on time and stay at assigned post for the complete scheduled time.  Must have transportation or the ability to travel to assigned post.

  2. Stop all traffic before allowing children to enter crosswalk.  This will require working in conjunction with any traffic signal that may be in place.

  3. Stand at least in the middle of the crosswalk with hand held out, stop sign held high for all motorists to see until all children are completely out of the crosswalk.

  4. Wear the issued hat and reflective vest at all times and carry the hand held stop sign.

  5. Report any disobedient children that fail to follow instructions to supervisor and/or school personnel.

  6. Report motorists that continually disobey the crossing guard's instruction to stop and yield to pedestrian traffic to the WISD police supervisor.

  7. Notify supervisor of a change in home address or phone number.

  8. Notify supervisor if unable to report to assigned post in a sufficient amount of time that would allow a replacement to be obtained.  Also, notify the supervisor if a circumstance arises that will cause a late report to a post or if a reason exists that will necessitate leaving early.  



  • Hat
  • Reflector vest
  • Stop sign
  • Raincoat (if necessary)


Maintain emotional control under stress.   Must be physically able to stand for long periods of time, to walk at a brisk pace, to lift a five pound sign and hold it over head, and to have the visual acuity to see approaching hazards as well as to multitask.  Must be able to stand out in the elements, unsheltered, for long periods of time.  This includes being exposed to heat as well as inclement weather.

Shift TypePart-Time
Salary Range$11.22 / Per Hour
LocationMyers Elementary School

Applications Accepted

Start Date07/20/2020

Job Contact

NameRon BrummettTitlePrincipal
Emailron.brummett@yukonps.comPhone(405) 354-5252