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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Crosswalk Monitor (2 Positions) - 2023/202406/01/2023SupportRedstone Intermediate SchoolApply
Playground Monitor (2 Positions) - 2023/202405/31/2023SupportRedstone Intermediate SchoolApply
Social Studies Teacher - 2023/202405/30/2023CertifiedYukon Middle SchoolApply
English Teacher - 2023/202405/30/2023CertifiedYukon High SchoolApply
Special Education Teacher (LIFE) - School Year 2022/202305/26/2023CertifiedYukon High SchoolApply
Cafeteria Monitor - 2023/202405/23/2023SupportMyers Elementary SchoolApply
Cafeteria Monitor - 2023/202405/22/2023SupportShedeck Elementary SchoolApply
Pre-K Classroom Aide - 2023/202405/22/2023SupportSurrey Hills Elementary SchoolApply
Bus Aide (Special Education) - 2023/202405/22/2023SupportTransportationApply
Bus Driver - 2023/202405/22/2023SupportTransportationApply
1st Grade Teacher - 2023/202405/22/2023CertifiedRanchwood Elementary SchoolApply
Classroom Pre-K Aide - 2023/202405/19/2023SupportCentral Elementary SchoolApply
Technology Literacy Teacher - 2023/202405/19/2023CertifiedSkyview Elementary SchoolApply
Technology Literacy Teacher - 2023/202405/19/2023CertifiedMyers Elementary SchoolApply
Occupational Therapist - 2023/202405/19/2023SupportDistrict WideApply
Cafeteria Monitor05/18/2023SupportCentral Elementary SchoolApply
Kindergarten Teacher - 2023/202405/18/2023CertifiedCentral Elementary SchoolApply
Pre-K Teacher - 2023/202405/18/2023CertifiedSurrey Hills Elementary SchoolApply
Kindergarten Teacher - 2023/202405/18/2023CertifiedSurrey Hills Elementary SchoolApply
Instructional Specialist- 2023/202405/16/2023CertifiedCentral Elementary SchoolApply
Playground Monitor (2 positions) - 2023/202405/11/2023SupportIndependence Intermediate SchoolApply
2nd Grade Teacher - 2023/202405/10/2023CertifiedMyers Elementary SchoolApply
Guest Teacher - School Year 2023/202405/09/2023SubstituteDistrict WideApply
3rd Grade Teacher - 2023/202405/08/2023CertifiedCentral Elementary SchoolApply
Spanish Teacher - 2023/202405/03/2023CertifiedYukon High SchoolApply
Special Education Teacher (LEAP) - 2023/202405/03/2023CertifiedLakeview Intermediate SchoolApply
Paraeducator LEAP (2 positions) - 2023/202404/27/2023SupportRedstone Intermediate SchoolApply
Kindergarten Teacher - 2023/202404/18/2023CertifiedMyers Elementary SchoolApply
Bilingual Assitant - 2023/202404/04/2023SupportParkland Elementary SchoolApply
Assistant Varsity Defensive High School Football Coach (Teaching Field Open) - 2023/202404/04/2023CertifiedAthleticsApply
Millers Afterschool Supervisor (multiple positions) - 2023/202404/04/2023SupportCommunity EngagementApply
ESY Special Education Paraeducator (15 positions): Start date June 202303/22/2023SupportAdministration BuildingApply
ESY Sign Language Interpreter: Start date June 202303/22/2023SupportAdministration BuildingApply
ESY Physical Therapist: Start date June 202303/22/2023SupportSpecial Education ServicesApply
ESY Nurse (2 Positions): Start date June 202303/22/2023CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Instructional Specialist - 2023/202403/20/2023CertifiedYukon Middle SchoolApply
Crosswalk Monitor02/27/2023SupportParkland Elementary SchoolApply
Special Education Paraeducator (LEAP/RISE)02/08/2023SupportMyers Elementary SchoolApply
Future Certified Position11/01/2022CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Crosswalk Monitor10/15/2022SupportMyers Elementary SchoolApply
Paraeducator (ABLE)09/08/2022SupportIndependence Intermediate SchoolApply
Fine Arts Center Technician (Student)08/10/2022YPS Student EmploymentFine Arts AuditoriumApply